Well well well… with the new year came the new hair cut.  I felt the need to chop off my length and start off with a new look.


See, I’ve never really had that ONE hairdresser I’d swear by unconditionnally. And it didn’t change with my moving to Paris. Basically it was the perfect opportunity to go try a new place and report to you ! After a short investigation on the net, there it was: I picked Artley.

P1020236 P1020235

Artley was only 3 weeks old when I paid them a visit. Told ya, it is super new.

P1020238 P1020243

I loved the minimalistic interior and the loft-like feel of the place.


Carole, who runs the place along with David (and that cute little pawed friend), took the time to listen to what I was expecting and and gave me precious advice for my type of hair.

Imma play shy for a bit and you won’t see my new haircut… you’ll see it in a future post feature Anita & I, together in Paris. Rejoice!