The weekend is upon us and many of you may be hunting down tips and ideas of places to grab a bite. I’d like to recommend Como Como. Right at the heart of Brussels, in hip Dansaert street, Como Como is run by supernice Ramiro and offers really nice pintxos  (the Basque version of tapas). Kathryn made me discover this place so I wasn’t surprised it rocked. Ramiro treated us like royalty, too!

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Como Como uses the very cool concept of conveyor belts we so often see in Asian restaurants. The difference is, you’ll be getting tapas instead of sushi or tempura. As always with this type of configuration, the more people between you and the kitchen, the fewer the plates with the delicate stuff you get, so try to sit by the cooks! That’s what we did, we sat right in front of the cooks, who by the way were the definition of multitasking! (And they say men can’t multitask… shrewd lie to justify their laziness, more like!)


We tried a bit of everything… from the classic toast with tuna mousse to the sirloin tapas. Really delicious. I also loved their desserts. If you see a chocolate fondant slowly making its way on the belt, throw yourself at it, no matter how desperate you look, no matter what they’ll think of you,  D O   I T ! You’ll thank me later.

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The ground rules are simple: each little plate is colour-coded, telling you whether it has sea food, dairy or garlic (a first date no go!). They all cost the same. (Except the ramekins which are slightly more expensive).

I talked with some peeps who said they found Como Como expensive. I soooo disagree! Frankly, I think I ate something like 6 tapas and that costs only 16.50… There was good meat, sea food, good dessert… And I was really stuffed. Not many restaurants will give you all that for so little money. Let’s take the chocolate fondant for example… where can you find a good one for 2,50? Err… I didn’t think so. You can get the unlimited pintxos + drinks for 36,50.

I know I said I was starting detox and all that…but we all know that calories don’t count during the weekend… right?


Como Como, Rue Antoine Dansaert 19, T: +32 2 503 03 30, Open Monday & Tuesday 18.30-22.30 and Wednesday to Sunday 12.00-14.30 and 18.30-22.30.

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