Credit: Vroom Vroom Facebook page

Happy New Year Sprouters! Ready for the first contest of the year?

We know the Holidays aftermath can be a pain, we teamed up with VroomVroomCoffee to make your New Year start a tad better!

Five of you will win a coffee specialty of your choice at Vroom Vroom Coffee. Yay! Coffeine, yumminess and warmth all in one cup! (check their Foodtruck’s schedule and locations on their Facebook page).

All you need to do is:

We’ll pick the five winners on Thursday at 17h and announce it on Facebook and on the blog.

Then you’ll be able to pick up a time and location of your choice and enjoy your free coffee specialty, mocha blanco, Speculoos kusje, Marshmallow Delight…!
(mind the weather though, the Foodtruck’s little wheels can’t fight a snowstorm so check the Facebook page always!)

Good luck Sprouters!!

Anita & the Vroom Vroom Coffee team!