Have you ever attended or hosted a Bookalokal event? For those who haven’t… in a few words, Bookalokal is a platform for dining experiences in homes and restaurants around the world. You can “”.

Basically, it works two ways:

Guest: You can dine at someone’s house if you like the concept they’re presenting. Browse the chefs in the city of your choice, book the experience that tempts you and “bon appétit”.

Host: You can turn your home into a restaurant for the day! Imagine a dining experience that you’d like to invite people to (Vietnamese dinner? A themed meal? A full blown brunch?). Post it on Bookalokal & bam. Hungry people ringing your bell.

I’ve only been to one Bookalokal evening so far. It was a “Murder Mystery” Dinner hosted by Maxine, the super funny and super talented gal behind WhyIamnotSkinny and the BrusselsFoodFriends network.

I have to admit I was curious but a tad sceptical at the outset… Playing a game while eating? A role game, no less? I raised an eyebrow. But I am sooooooo glad I went..!

To begin with, the dinner was delicious: burrata salad with prosciutto and grissini to start, lasagna as main and an IN CRE DI BLE tiramisu as pudding. (Girl, I need that recipe).

Also, my cousin and I got to meet so many interesting people! The real ones and their characters, so counts double.

Most importantly: the game was a hoot. We had scripts and hints to guide us but we improvised a lot. It was soooo hilarious. A girl taking the Italian-American accent, a guy perfectly miming the 1st class a-hole (please tell me it was an act?), me trying to be a jazz artist who shoots guns…. Boy, it was crazy and lots of fun.

We stayed late and thanked Maxine for the amazing evening. If I were you, I’d book the next Murder Mystery she organises. Keep an eye here.