What better way to start the weekend than with an outdoor Breakfast in the gorgeous snow-covered Bois de la Cambre? N O N E .

That’s what ALPRO had rustled up for us Alpronistas on Saturday at Jeux d’Hiver. A beautiful Mild Morning Breakfast full of delicious plant-based drinks and foodstuff, fresh fruits, cereal and awesome arty pancakes!

IMG_1646 IMG_1623 IMG_1617 IMG_1609 IMG_1709 IMG_1707

I have to be honest here… up until recently, I thought Soya-based foods were for hardcore vegans and peeps who give you a disaproving eye when you order steak. Mea culpa. I was judgemental and wrong. I now know a bit better. Plant-based foods are actually great for you in many ways and are so much easier to digest than many dairy products. Also, did I mention they are delish?

I may or may not have family members that have lactose intolerance. Just saying if I did, they should defs try ALPRO Mild & Creamy (a delicious blueberry alternative to yoghourt) and their chocolate desserts!

IMG_1785 IMG_1719 IMG_1626IMG_1741

I took my two friends Celine and Sandra to the event and we were all hooked with the Latte with Coconut Milk. So much so, I might need to join “Coconholics Anonymous”. It smells like heaven and the taste is really mild, the coconut doesn’t invade the coffee at all. Promise me you’ll try it!

collage2 collage1

The Belgian Band Hydrogen Sea played for us and it was such a nice discovery. By the way, I’ll be sure to go to their concert at Ancienne Belgique on 17 April!

After breakfast, we gals participated in the Food Photography Workshop given by the supertalented (and sooooo lovely) Emilie of the Griottes Blog. She gave us tons of tips and I was really surprised by her utter humility and positive vibes.

IMG_1771 IMG_1759IMG_1784

All in all, the best breakfast I had in a long time. I hope ALPRO keeps those mild mornings coming!