A while ago, I received an email inviting me to take part in a new project in the ever-bubbling culinary scene of Brussels: Undisclosed Dinner.

UD logo

The concept is simple and very tempting: 3 Chefs, One 4-course menu, an undisclosed location.

The experience is unique, because each Undisclosed Dinner gathers a new team of chefs, so they will never have the chance to cook for those diners in that setting again. The unicity of the evening makes it all the more alluring…

I will take part in the first UD on November 17. I have received the secret location but no spoilers allowed. All I can reveal is that it is not a restaurant…

chefs UD

The three Chefs chosen to orchestrate the first UD are Jacques-Olivier Charles, Mathias Dircx & Kenzo Nakata.

Jacques Olivier, from the Delicatessen Restaurant got a Bib Gourmand from the Guide Michelin at the age of 25. Mathias, Aub∙svp‘s chef, was a professional photographer before becoming chef. Kenzo is the chef in Gramm. He has Japanese and Breton origins and is a self-taught chef with a background in fine arts.

You can book your seat for this promising first UD on the website. 60€ without beverages, 80€ all included.

If you prefer waiting for next UD, I’ll tell you all about my experience very soon!