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The first edition of Undisclosed Dinner took place on Monday. In case you missed my announcement post, the concept is this: 3 Chefs, a 4-course menu, an undisclosed location.

I’ll go right ahead and tell you it was absolutely awesome. The place, for starters… it was at Le Loft du 202, an incredible space which truly sublimed the experience. The crew: volunteers from the whole culinary scene had come to make the evening happen and give Stephanie Tang a hand. Friendly, enthusiastic & fresh. The company: I got to meet some lovely people at our table. And the food of course. You can read the menu, somewhere below. I won’t show you any food pictures because they just don’t pay tribute to the delicious dishes that were served. If you’re enticed by what you read, the closest thing you can do is book a table at one of the Chefs’ restaurants. Jacques-Olivier Charles’ Delicatessen, Mathias Dircx’s Aub∙svp and Kenzo Nakata’s Gramm. However, I’m sorry to tell you, you’ll never experience what I lived on Monday, since that combination of hands at work, location and foodies will never repeat itself. That’s the beauty of it. The unicity of the Undisclosed Dinner evenings.

Keep your eyes peeled for UD’s next edition, yet to be announced… I let you take a peep at the pics, not before saying Bravo Stephanie for a remarkable event and Bravo to the chefs, who managed to rise up to the challenge of offering sophisticated 6 hands-on dishes, without a proper kitchen! Chapeau.


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