Last week I was invited for lunch at Notos with Stéphanie, a PR-fairy and two fellow-bloggers -Sophie from Tomate Cerise and Amélie from The Foodalist.

I was delighted with the company and almost as thrilled to get to discover another great Greek Restaurant in town. Notos, which means “South” in Greek, is run by Constantin Erinkoglou and the restaurant’s main ingredient is elegance. The ecru walls, the subdued lights, everything combines to achieve a refined and soothing ambiance.

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Lunch at Notos is called “Midi au Notos” and you can tailor the experience so that the hungriest are as satisfied as the rushing-diners. You can order a single dish for 17€, a two-meal course for 22€ and a three-course for 29€. I had the latter and this is what I tried:

  • Spanakorizo: rice pilaf with spinach and meat. (surprisingly tasty, with hints of caraway)
  • Hake, potatoes, olives, capers and anchovies (harmonious and perfect acid touch from the olives and capers)
  • A trio of cakes: Melopita: cheese and honey; Pantespani almond & orange blossom and Nut&clove. I particularly enjoyed the Pantespani…delicate, spongy and so moist.

Midi au Notos is perfect if you’re looking for a beautiful and calm setting for a business- or even romantic lunch. The food is absolutely delicious and uncomplicated. Back to simple yet delicate and full of flavours. No tiny bites of foam here… No 60g main courses. Constantin prepares healthy, revisited Greek dishes and accompanies them with excellent Greek wines -hard to find in Brussels, by the way… If there’s a bottle you fancy, you can even buy it at Notos.


Credit: Notos Website

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left: Sophie – right: Stephanie

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Thanks Stephanie for a great discovery and special thanks to Constantin for the invitation and the lovely time!


NOTOS: Rue de Livourne 154, 1000 Bruxelles – Open Tue-Fri 12:00-14:30 & Mon-Sat 19:00-22:00 – T: 02 513 29 59