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Since I missed its opening a month ago, all I’ve been reading about is Manhattn’s, Manhattn’s, Manhattn’s… The New Kid on the Block sure has been getting tons of attention! Manhattn’s is the story of Jerry and his Bro Phil who lived in the big apple selling waffles (and rocking NY street life in general), and came back to the homeland bringing a chunk of Manhattan back.

I took Kathryn as my accomplice for a little field investigation…and here’s what we found out:

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What’s going on at Manhattn’s my friend is pure New York bliss in the form of a delicious burger. The buns are soft and tasty, made with extra virgin olive oil and using the NY Little Italy recipe. The meat is perfectly pink, juicy and dripping amazeness all the way down your chin. The molten cheese, the caramelised oignons, the Soho sauce…!!! I had the Rockefeller burger and Kathryn had a Gotham. She says it’s the second-best burger EVER, after NY’s Five Guys. We added some fries and a coke with the Godfather deal. Worth the 30′ wait. I know…. 30′ wait is not exactly what you expect when you go for a burger… but this ain’t no regular burger darling. If you want regular, you know where to go. If you want fkn awesome burger, go downtown. To Manhattn’s, to be precise.

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Credit: Manhattn’s Facebook

What I liked a little less:

  • the fries. I like me some good fries and although the joint is proud to serve hand-cut home made fries, they just weren’t my kind of fry.
  • the crowd. A tad too sophomore-year for my taste. Maybe it was the Friday night, maybe it’s the hipster phenomenon. Let’s just say Kath and I could have been their (teenage) mums.

All in all, expect a great burger. The kind that makes you lick the wrapping paper. Risk of a long wait and a rather young crowd. The setting rocks too, so Gothamy!! Verdict: Defs worth all the fuss in the press!


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Manhattn’s – Avenue Louise 164, 1000 Brussels – No reservations – Open 7/7 from 12.00-14.30 & 19.00-22.30