I confess, as the cold spreads around our part of the world, it becomes harder and harder to set foot outside, especially in the evening, after a week’s work. So I kinda started to look for places close to my place.


And that’s how I found La Robe de la Girafe. Literaly, the girafe’s coat. Funny, eh? It intrigued me enough to decide that I would have my Friday dinner there.


In case you’d expect some kind of exotic food because of its name, you’re wrong. LRDLG focuses on a classic French cuisine with a touch of modern, the appropriate dose to surprise the mouth behind the fork.



The Girafe also has an impressive list of different red, white and rosé wines. Grape juice lovers, here’s your ali baba cave.

P1020084 P1020082 P1020090

I couldn’t resist the appeal of the Hamburger (yeah, there are some foods like that… just can’t say no!) …

P1020097 P1020096 P1020093

Now, the Belgian side of me is talking: those fries! Probably the best I tried in Paris so far. And yes, that says a lot!


Last but not least, do you remember that time when I found myself at a restaurant with a cat on one of the benches? This time it was a cute little dog checking who was coming in and going out.


Need any more reason to go sit at one of their tables?