Sprouters, I present to you my Parisian everlasting question: How do you pick the places to go and check out when there are so many of them? I honestly am having a hard time making my choices. Paris is so full of everything, in a huge, amazing way.


This time, I picked two names on my endless list of places to try. Holybelly had been there for a few months now, so when I planned to meet up with Eglantine last Sunday, it seemed to be the right place for a holy coffee.

P1020070 P1020061

We showed up a bit before 4 p.m, and basically got thrown out because “the kitchen was closing in 20 min” and they wanted to give priority to those who came in to eat. Nothing holy about this place after all, despite the charming decoration. We left and headed to another place, where we were allowed to sit down and enjoy a drink ^^


So that was that. Sometimes, some things have to be kept short and simple. But hey you know what? Coming across a few pieces of street art turned out to be a good way to alleviate all the vexation. Also because this one boasted the colours of Belgium <3


My  next stop was… Well, not the one here below. As I was walking I saw this bathtub hanging from the ceiling and thought wow?! Who does that exaclty? Talk about a way to get the attention of passers by!


Took just a few seconds to realise that it was the Marie Sixtine boutique. I had already checked out some of their clothes in another shop and actually liked them. However, on a price scale from H&M to … H&M, it is a bit pricy. But better quality is worth it.


As I was leaving and finally catching a glimpse of my final stop, I thought to myself that no matter where my next apartment will be, it will have to include a bathtub – just for the sake of the candle-lit relaxation cliché.


That thought kept me company until I reached the front window of Bazartherapy. I learned about that shop on the internet too, as it opened only in September 2014. I was so curious to discover what was inside.

P1020040 P1020044 P1020045

The entrance brings you to many, many small – cartoonish – funny items. Perfect to bring out the kid in everyone of us.

P1020047 P1020048

As I moved towards the back of the shop, the style changed. More adult, decorative objects. Mugs, candles, kitchen ware… This is definetly the kind of place to find beautiful gifts for your loved ones … Christmas is coming!

P1020049 P1020050

I personally fell in love with these Ortigia products. Sicilian Lime, Neroli Honey and Sandalwood oils, bath salts (yup still stuck on my bath thing!!). Seriously, those words are such poetry to my ears and exotic escapes to my imagination.


Time to go home and prepare the wishlists for Santa!