I will always remember the first time I bit into a BAKE cookie…it was a dark chocolate cookie with chocolate chips and fleur de sel sprinkled on top. Soft inside and a perfectly crisp crust. The sea salt enhancing the taste of chocolate. One of those moments in life when you shift to slow motion mode, all sounds muffled, every cell in your brain focusing on your tastebuds. And you go Woahhh.


Ever since that moment I’ve been meaning to meet the baker behind the scenes: Bérangère Train. Inspired by the New York Levain Bakery and her years in the States, she founded BAKE last year, a small artisan bakery specialised in American pastries, from cookies to brownies, carrot cake and brookies (a must). Her atelier is right next to Prélude, the bento cantine on rue Antoine Bréart 82. She uses natural and local ingredients without additives or any of those nasty E-somethings. When I went to meet her, her eggs- and butter supplier came to make the weekly delivery. The Montplainchamps farm is also Charli’s supplier, as the super nice farmer told me. Even BAKE’s packaging is eco-responsible, what with kraft paper boxes and bags. No plastic food, no plastic package.

Hailing Wang Photo

Credit Photo: Hailing Wang

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Getting ahold of your pastries is very easy, too… so careful with you sugar levels…!

You can order online (and have them delivered by bike!) through the website or through Take eat easy. Or find them at any of these places:

  • Prélude – Rue Antoine Breart 84, in St-Gilles
  • APDM – Rue Jean voulders, 42 in St-Gilles and Avenue Louis Lepoutre 6 to Ixelles
  • Hei – Chaussee de charleroi, 168 St-Gilles
  • AMI – Rue Lesbroussart 13  in Ixelles
  • Chez Franz – 30 Avenue du Haut Pont in Ixelles
  • VroomVroom Coffee – check the coffee truck’s schedule on their Facebook page

Bérangère also bakes some of Chez Franz’s, La Gazzetta’s and Caffé al Dente’s desserts… So if you order an apple pie at Chez Franz, you know who to blame for the ecstasy…

apple pie chez frank bake fb

Credit Photo: Hailing Wang

And stay tuned for BAKE’s Christmas box, cookies’ recipe included!! Oh, and for the frozen yogurt lovers, keep your tongues peeled for the BAKE-Mellow Frozen yogurt-cookie sandwich coming up soon… the FROOKIE!!!


Bérangère, it was lovely meeting you. And now I know what the secret of those marvelous cookies are… the sweetness of the baker behing the apron. Talking about sugar levels, look at me all gooey!