Geez…Forgot to tell you… remember Kathryn and I went to Milan to celebrate her Bday?

I told you about our dinner at U Barba and Brunch at erba brusca. But I didn’t tell you that in between all that binge-eating, we roamed the streets of the Fashion Mecca looking for inspiration and fun. Instead, we got a BS overdose…

For starters, we didn’t get all that inspired… we strolled in the “fashion triangle”, where all the big luxury brands are. From Martin Margiela -I do have a weak spot for the Maison Margiela…

collage margiela


… to Tods or Chanel. We kept playing dumb and acting out, in utter rebellion -or sheer envy.

P1150143 P1150151 P1150174P1150106

Let’s assume 17% of our foolishness was a compensation mechanism for our wallet’s pallor… The remaining 83% of our brains was just screaming BULLSHIT!

Seeing the Moschino collection in honour of Barbie and McDonalds made us click. We couldn’t help but wonder what it was all about…

collage moschino

Was it a social criticism movement intended at denouncing some sort of consumption-mode? And if so, which? Were they denouncing the fact that high-end fashion is falling prey to mass-consumption? Buying a Moschino bag is like buying a Big Mac… – disgusting!

Or was it a confession? Do the legendary Fast-food Ms imply it’s all nothing but Fast-Fashion? Or else yet, are they simply mocking their rich clients? “You’re so dumb, that even if we make plastic bags that look like a Happy Meal Box, you’ll pay thousands just cause we told you it’s fashion”. A no-brainer.

We decided to go where Fashion could be diluted in coffee. Corso como 10, to be precise.

P1150328 P1150378 P1150345 P1150342

After a walk through the store, housing the crème de la crème -or should I say the panna della panna– of luxury designers, we sat for a coffee – tea for the English lady ;)

Dom, the lovely Australian, joined us for some gals fun. (By the way, do you also think she looks just like Scarlett Johansson?)

P1150360 P1150357

To be fair, Corso Como 10 is a gorgeous place. The products are carefully curated by Carla Sozzani, who has always promoted a different kind of fashion…slow shopping. Well at those prices, you gotta think the buy over, again and again… and again. So until your brain is convinced you need to spend 1,347 euros for a shawl…can be a slow process, I’ll give you that.

P1150380 P1150351

We were literally overfashioned, overbullshitted and undersatisfied. We left and tried to see a different Milan. One with true beauty. Tip? Leave your stilettos at home…

P1150129 P1150126