When I think back of Camping Gourmet, which I crashed last weekend, a single thought comes to mind: let’s go again! You guys know how I love discovering new places and things to do… but when something is that good, you just can’t get enough.


So, let me explain… Camping Gourmet is a Foodtruck festival taking place during three weekends in October. If you haven’t been yet, you still have this weekend, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 to join the food party. This first edition, organised by a wonderful creative team in cooperation with De Koninck, takes place in the indoor parking lot of the brewery’s. An awesome location in Covelierstraat, Antwerp. But given their success, I bet Camping Gourmet will be taking over other cities!!

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Now that foodtrucks have spread like a healthy delicious virus and reinvented the traditional food scene, foodtrucks festivals emerge here and there. Camping Gourmet is a wonderful happening. Every ingredient combines to achieve the perfect culinary & fun experience.

The foodtrucks vary from weekend to weekend, you can see the full list of them here. I was lucky to try the gourmet burgers of Mi Vida and the produces of the Taco Guy.

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Lickyourfingers good.

The offer of the food camping was exhilarating… from Thai dishes to Belgian Stoemp and Brootjes and seafood and tapas.

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Then, the venue. Wow. De Koninck’s parking lot is actually an incredible space, light garlands all over, several living rooms spread throughout the site, tables, barrils converted into standing tables… the result? magic.

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People from all ages… couples in their 50s, youngsters hanging out, families and friends all dining together, drinking and dancing. A pure celebration. I went there with Kathryn and Dom and we had the best of times. And got to meet great people too, such as the lovely Nans, one of the geniuses behing this great experiment.

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If I had just one criticism to bring, is that during the weekend I attended, there were no desserts! (Or did I miss them?) That’s one of the reasons I plan on coming back this weekend, to make amends and give my sweet tooth a feast.

So sprouters, see you in Antwerp this weekend?