Question: 2 gals in Paris on a Saturday. What do they do?
Walk. They just walk. A lot.

It goes without saying that, at some point, like, around 3 p.m., we were starting to run dry.

We were in desperate need of a stool to sit on and a dose of carbs (yeah, we just love carbs). That’s when ‘Frenchie to go’ came in, exactly like a saviour. 

One has to look closely to find it, because this mini-eatery is hidden in a small street close to the very animated Rue Montorgueil. Luckily, we got there a bit after lunch, which allowed us to avoid the rush-hour.

‘Frenchie to go’ reminded me of a cavern, but in a good-cosy-warm way. A few wooden tables, stools, shelves with books and a counter to order your food & drinks. Big open windows on the street.

Anita & I couldn’t have made more diametrically different choices…

While I asked for a cappuccino and a chocolate/peanut cookie, Anita went for the Pulled Pork Sandwich, with BBQ sauce and coleslaw. It must have been as good as it looks cause she didn’t talk for the whole 4 minutes it took her to devour it.

Maybe it’s her Jewish blood talking but she said the joint was a sort of Yiddishe Mama meets Brooklyn Hotspot.

Sweet or savoury, pastrami or soft donut, ‘Frenchie to go’ treats you good.

Next time, we might try the homemade ginger beer or the hot cider…
And if you’re a beer fan, well you have like 13 makes to choose from, including the artisanal Agent Provocateur.

Sara & Anita

9, rue du Nil 75002 Paris
Metro 3, 4 : Sentier, Réaumur Sébastopol
Open 7/7
Monday-Friday: 08.30-16.30

Saturday-Sunday: 9.30-17.30