A new eatery has opened on rue de Flandre 45, between Sainte-Catherine and the canal.
Chicago Café.
Having missed the opening last Wednesday, Kathryn and I paid it a visit to have brunch this Sunday.

The joint’s name is a homage to the eponymous neighbourhood, dubbed ‘Chicago’ for its turbulent past. Nowadays, it’s become a gentry and hip area, from the Walvis & Bistrot du Canal to all the hipster hangouts like De Markten and Monk.

Chicago Café is industrial and industrious, bustling with a rather local bobo crowd, all ages alike. Very kids-friendly, the place has a very cool vibe, with brighter zones and warmer, more secluded areas.
I especially like the vintage theater chairs.

The architects from Bureau K and the Chicago team have mastered the art of texture-mixing. Wood, brick, marble, tiles and glass combine geniously.
The light wooden benches by Kewlox, the plants and pastel colors add to the warmth of the otherwise huge space.

Their menu boasts with dishes from all over: Mexican quesadillas, American burgers, English muffins, French quiches and Belgian stews.
The menu patchwork mirrors the variety of inhabitants of the neighbourhood perfectly.

The service is truly something. And that doesn’t come often… they are all super friendly and efficient.

Not that we needed another reason to hang out in the Ste Catherine area… but any new cool place to hang out in Brussels is welcome and this new eatery might just be a great idea.

Nothing like a walk down Dansaert till the famous Walvis