Being away from Brussels only made me appreciate it more. I came back 3 times since I moved to Paris, and I’ve enjoyed each visit to the max, which makes every stay literaly fly.

As Anita and I were planning our meet-up, she came straight with a suggestion: le Prélude. What a beautiful word. Full of promises. All the more because it opened just a few months ago. 

Warm & cosy, the place was perfect to help us forget the grey, rainy day happening outside.

As we caught up with all the gossip, we sipped our home-made lemonade and our cappuccinos. An idea slowly formed in our minds… we have to come back for lunch…

You’ve probably heard of Nanashi’s bento boxes in Paris. Well, Brussels has nothing to envy them anymore! Prélude serves up some pretty awesome-looking bento boxes. You can choose your style: vegetarian, meat or fish. If you’re not that hungry, you might want to order the soup menu, with bread and savory spreads. 

To our great surprise, they serve cookies, pastries and other puddings by Bake. We tried some of Bake’s cookies during Take eat easy’s anniversary celebration and lost our souls to every crumb.

The setting is lovely, with cosy cushions and tons of wood. The geometrical lamps by Hopop Studio are very pretty too. It’s a truly fantastic place to have lunch or even curl up between the cushions and spend the whole afternoon. You might even stay until the aperitivo is served ;)

We sure will try…

Sara & Anita