The first time I went to Sardinia was to Cagliari. 5 years later, it was time to go to the north of the wonderful island.

The first stop was Palau, the nearest port to the Maddalena Archipel. 
Tip#1: take the Jasmine boat of the Patricia company. With only 12 other voyagers, you’ll have quite an intimate experience and you’ll feel the archipel awaits no one but you. It costs 70/p but it is so worth it. 

If you take the bigger boats, you’ll be sharing the ship with other 80 people, fighting over a spot in the sun. Not the way I wanted to navigate ;)

Tip#2: smear yourself constantly with tons of sunlotion if you don’t intend to become a well cooked prawn ;) Don’t let the breeze on the prow fool you. You’re being cooked alright.

Palau is prettier than I would have expected, with tons of little restaurants and a nice stroll along the marina.
One evening during aperitivo, I had a lovely reunion with an ol’friend: Mr Bellini cocktail ;)

Our second stop was Orosei, north east of the island.

Tip #3: Get a car.

We had thought we’d constantly move by boat to the nearby beaches and dismissed the idea of renting a car. Mistake.
Only 127 km separate Palau from Orosei but without a car, it takes you three busses or a very expensive cab drive.

Orosei is all shades of beautiful. The gulf is surrounded by countless cliffs and endless coves. Its emerald green waters lapping the sandy beaches.

Tip#4: Stay at the Albergo Diffuso Mannois. I seriously can’t recommend it enough. It was simply fantastic. It’s a series of old stone houses totally renovated conserving the original style. Their breakfast buffet is colossal and of such great quality… I had savoiardi every morning with my coffee -Savoiardis are Italian sponge finger biscuits, so light and so delicious.

The hotel has its own beach too, where you’ll be greeted by a couple of sunbeds and an umbrella. We used the hotel’s electric tandem to get there, as it is like 3km away. Call me simple, but that daily trip is one of the best memories I kept from Orosei. The soft breeze and the incredible landscapes.

The central Piazza del Popolo is ringed with splendid buildings, including the white-stuccoed church of San Giacomo. What I remember most though is the myriad restaurants serving delicious food. Ice cream is food, right?

Tip#5: Have dinner at Villa Fumosa. Their pizzas are memorable. And so is the charming garden. You might have to wait long for your food, but it’s worth every drooling minute.

I also recall some creepy images from Orosei…Like that sitting doll outside the souvenir shop…

Or that little fairground accross Villa Fumosa. I couldn’t decide whether it was creepier by day or by night…
There’s just something so eerie about these parks.
What do you think?

But these cute little dogs made up for everything. I petted them every evening before and after dinner. No worries, I did wash my hands after each episode.

On our last day, the plane had a 10h delay. Awesome. Nuh no. Don’t read any irony in my remark, my friend. We landed on a great hotel, where the airline made us wait through the day. Great lunch followed by meditation on the top of the cliff.
Not too bad a view for a waiting room, huh.

It was the dusk of my Summer holidays.

But you know me by now. I’ll find an excuse to escape.
This is not a goodbye, dear Italy.
It’s a mere ‘A rivederci’.