I don’t know if you got it by now, what with my endless gushing about this bewitching island…
but I’m utterly and deeply and madly in love with Formentera.
Crazy. Obsessed. Fascinated. Possessed. Cuckoo.

And can you blame me? Formentera has the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. Some of the best restaurants, and affordable, too.
I told you about Es Marès, which is absolutely epic. But truth is the island has a myriad of great places to eat, from chiringuitos to famous posh joints like Es Moli de Sal (on my to-do list).

Also, Kathryn and I make for an excellent holidays duo. Add a magical island, a mehari and what you get is the best fucking time of your lives. Sorry for the F word but I really felt like emphasizing the utter Fun, capital F.

We rented a small appartment in Es Calo and found ourselves a little private cove which we colonised daily for the ritual (sun)bathing.

On the occasions where our secluded beach got conquered by rival forces, we moved east to The Calo des Morts beach. It’s gorgeous and you can have a good bite at one of the many restaurants and chiringuitos. Bartolo’s burgers are pretty famous. But we chose a lighter snack: gazpacho & chicken fingers nearby.

For aperitivo, we hit Lucky for a sunset dipped in Passion Caipiroska. We got to hang out with a fun crowd, too.

The only place where we felt at odds with was the Amore Iodio chiringuito. Masses of people. Young. Loud. It felt rather Ibiza-ish. Also the bikini girls might have intimidated us a tad. Just a little.

We paid a couple of visits to Gecko Beach Club for a dip & nap by the pool, lunch and more awesomeness. They do serve crazy good food. Try their Gecko Burger for decadent glory. Or their burrata. Or their salmon tartar. Drinks. Cocktails. Pause. Restart. Ahhh.

And after dusk, things got darker at Blue Bar. For us, there was just no other place to be but there. Forget Beach Club, Banana, Pachanka. We are blue girls.

We got to drink vinegar wine served by a cute Smurf (blue-haired) waitress and ‘litigare’ with the occasional stronzo Spanglish.

Ok. Can you imagine the most fun you ever had? Now, add about a ton, and you’re at Blue Bar Formentera.

Arff, is it summer 2015 yet?
Oh who am I kidding, can’t wait that long to go back…