No, I’m not done with the Costa Brava.
And yes, I’ll keep rumbling on and on about Catalonia for a few more articles.
Don’t say it isn’t worth it.
This time, we’re going inland. To a couple medieval towns in the Baix Empordà: Pals and Peratallada.
This wasn’t my first visit and as we strolled accross town, I was invaded by such a nostalgia…
Of great family moments spent in hot summer days. And of a certain girls’ weekend spent in April under the rain ;)


Pals has been magnificently restored and you can wander its beautiful uneven cobbled streets, poke your nose into a corner or two and climb your way to the Torre de les Hores (Clock Tower), a 15m tower built around the 12th century.

The houses are truly gorgeous and although I wouldn’t personally like to live in such a retreated spot, it’s hard to get tired from these views…


Not far from Pals lies Peratallada, which means ‘carved stone’. Not hard to see why, as you walk around its lanes.

The houses were built with stones carved from the fosse around the village. The 11th century Castle of Peratallada was restored in the 60’s and is now a luxury hotel.
Did you know the film ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ was partially filmed here? I was 5 back then but had I known, I reckon I would have flown from Uruguay to groupie around Kevin Costner :)

If your tummy grows uneasy with hunger, there’s one place to go: Restaurante Bonay, at Plaça de les Voltes 13. They serve the yummiest “torradas” (toasted coca bread with different toppings). Their ‘iberico’ torrada was amazing and so was the one with escalivada (roasted eggplant, bell peppers, onions, toamtos and olive oïl, garlic and salt).

If you are near Girona and are in for a walk down the Middle Ages’ beauties, Pals & Peratallada are a must.