Girona. One city. Milleniums of history.
It is the ancient Roman citadel Gerunda, founded in 79BC.

Remains of the Roman fortified wall have served as foundations to rebuild the wall, where the Universitat de Girona shelters knowledge, ideas and secrets.

I am not a fan of churches, cathedrals and the like, but Girona’s Cathedral has something benevolent and gracious about it that gives me a good feeling. To reach it, you must climb 86 steps. An aisle and chapels surround the choir, which opens by three arches into the nave. With 22m, it’s the widest vault in the whole Christian World.

During the 12th century, Girona was home to one the most important Kabbalistic schools in Europe, with a flourishing Jewish community. The city’s Jewish quarter is one of the best preserved in Europe. But the Jewish community didn’t always live in peace… they were expelled by the Catholic Kings in 1492.

I love meandering through the cobbled streets and straying away discovering new corners and imagining I live in one of the old restored houses.

Ok, maybe not this one particularly. 

If like me, you would sell your dog’s soul for a churro, don’t miss the churreria on Pujada de Sant Feliu, near the Sant Feliu Church.

Which leads us to one of the ass-kissing legends of the city… that of the cul de la lleona -the lion’s bottom ;)
Right accross the Sant Feliu Church, where a very old hotel used to be, now stands a lioness. Legend has it, “Qui besa el cul de la lleona retorna a Girona” (Wohever kisses the lioness’ ass will return to Girona”.
Needless to say kiss her I did.

The original version of the lioness rests in the Art Museum of Girona, the one on the street is a copy. It used to be a way to pay respect to the city. To be perfectly honest, I don’t kiss ass to the people I respect… ^^ And even less to those I don’t.