The footpath or Camí de Ronda between the beach of S’Agaró and Sant Feliu de Guíxols is surely among my top 5 favorite places.
Think of an awesome thing and sigh “Aweeee”.
Come on, out loud.
As if you mean it!
Well, you’re still falling short, compared to what this place will do to you.
But keep practicing.

I swear you will adore the winding path which runs through noucentist mansions and beautiful secluded coves.

If I were to hit the jackpot or do some sort of insurance scam, I’d definetely buy one of these houses.
And the water is of such a turquoise shade that you’ll barely believe it’s not a photoshop pic.

Getting to this glorieta is a truly rewarding moment. You can sit down for a bit and admire the ocean. That’s when I usually hit back to S’Agaró.

Take my word for it, you’ll fall in love with this spot.
And if you’re into sports & nature, you’ll be glad to know the area is surrounded by a natural park with hiking trails.

And if you’re a bike kind of person, there’s the ‘Ruta del Carrilet’ or ‘Via Verda’ that you can take all the way to Girona and Olot.
But that calls for another story ;)