Remember I promised I would leave you alone with Berlin for a while?
Well, it’s been 61 days.
I think that qualifies as ‘keeping my promise’.
And so it’s time for another Berlin episode…
I’m taking you to the Michelberger hotel.

Not to a room, don’t be twisted ;-) but to its amazing premises, its restaurant & its incredible story.

Tom Michelberger always wanted to find a big apartment where he could live together with all his friends. He went and did something much bigger. He found an old factory in East Berlin, right next to the last standing bits of the wall and turned it into a one of a kind hotel.

T H E   M I C H E L B E R G E R   H O T E L

The place bursts with raw creativity. It’s so Berlinish. And like the city, it’s always under construction. Ever changing, evolving, breathing in all the creative sparks of all the talented people that come and go.

The 119 rooms are all unique. One feels at a friend’s house. Laid-back, relaxed and stimulating. You can even stay at rooms that sleep four at once and have a sip in their patio biergarten.


Their big bar seems like a living room, with all the comfy couches and the used books.
Spacious yet cosy.
Intimate but friendly.


Kathryn and I went there for a late-night drink (remember the creepy photographer episode?) and for Brunch on Sunday. Great ambiance and crowd.


Michelberger is like a patchwork of great finds with a story behind each object, behind each rough edge. It even has its own design studio, where they create many of the cool stuff in the hotel. Soon they might even make Michelberger banknote currency for internal use.

I’ll tell you what, money can’t buy happiness. But Michelberger banknotes sure can :)