Few cities like Barcelona gather so many of the things that make me happy.
The beach, the sun, the fair-tempered people, the cosmopolitan breeze, the food, the bars, great soccer…
It has everything one could hope for to lead the best life ever… minus the economic situation, which is actually quite a big deal but hopefully, Spain and the Spanish families will recover soon.

I was in Barcelona very recently and discovered more than a few amazing spots.If you’re a street art freak like me and a good piece of graffiti makes you shiver more than the opera, Barcelona will seduce the guts out of you.

You can meander through the Gothic- or the Born quarters and get your street art fix. That underground grunge feeling gets me going and I find sheer beauty in those vindictive splashes of art. They are a clear mirror of the society’s state of mind. Street art can give you a city’s temperature better than any newspaper.

Then comes my favorite part… the sea and the magnificent Barceloneta.
I grew up by the sea and long to see it every time I’m inland. When I was at the Barceloneta I felt like I could just stay there staring at the blue waters for ever. I internally begged by-passers to nail me to the concrete right there and then.

I could absolutely picture myself living in Barcelona. I would render a daily homage to the sea. I’d hit one of the chiringuitos and breathe in the salty air.

If you walk until the end of the Barceloneta, you’ll find yourself facing the wonderful W hotel and its Salt Beach Club. It offers a fusion of Californian style cuisine with a Mediterranean touch. The setting is just pure beauty. And in the right company, you’ll be wishing you never have to leave.

A cable car- or a quick moto ride away is Terraza Martinez. An absolute must when you go to Barcelona be it with your darl’ or your friends.
Perched on the hillside of Montjuïc next to the Miramar Hotel, you’ll have to choose from its menu of tapas, salads and paella. A side of killer views comes with.

credit photo: Martinez Facebook page
Credit photo: Martinez Facebook page

Barcelona is the perfect city to move by motorbike. My personal dream is to have a vespa and if I did, I would roam the place on my two-wheeled lady. But for now, any bike will do, as long as they make me weak in the knees.