On Easter Saturday, Marly and I hit Antwerp for some pick-me-up strolling & shopping.
Any excuse’ll do, really.

We had lunch at STAY, a lovely little bar / shop.
The place isn’t huge and has a small menu. We shared the lunch for two, which was nice for a shopping energy refill.

The bruschetta was our favorite bit. You might want to try the hummus, too.

Almost every object you see is for sale. So if you want, you can leave with the cutlery or the salt & pepper tray. They have clothes, decoration, cosmetics and accessories. Nicely curated.

I fancied a copper lamp but figured it wasn’t the mots practical thing to carry to Brussels. Our bags were heavy enough.

All in all STAY is a nice stop during your strol through the Nationalestraat.

We continued our promenade under the sun and made another pause at the Marnix Square.

We had a drink at Vinicity and I discovered Fentiman’s rose lemonade. I kid you not, it’s the best pink drink I’ve ever had, including rosé, which is saying a lot.

We passed by 7 rooms, a loft with seven spaces, serving as a hub for different lifestyle categories. It’s so bright that you’d better come armed with shades. Beautiful clothes, all of them totally out of my pocket’s league.

But as Eames would say: “you mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darlin’.”