Yesterday, Kathryn and I went to see a gig at Café de la Presse. Kath had told me “Come on, this Australian guy is apparently really good”.

The guy was Nick Saxon. He totally fit the stereotype I had drawn in my mind about Australians.
Curly golden hair, tanned as a Greek God and the warmest of smiles.

Also, he knows his way around a guitar, Geez…
He uses a board to record bits of music and to build up the layers of his song. Each bit continues to play and adds up with the next melody and the next thing you know, it seems like a whole band is on stage.

I just loved it. I hadn’t seen anyone do it since I was in Uruguay.

Nick Saxon is a musician and a travel show presenter for National Geographic. His show is called “World Traveler” and airs in Australia and New Zealand. His songs are largely inspired by all the travel he does. I guess when you live off your suitcase for so long, the road becomes your muse.

After the show, he came to the table to hang out. Sylvie joined too, a lovely Belgian girl in love with Australia. She met Nick back when she lived there and organised his concerts in Brussels.

Nick told us a bit about his travel stories. How he gets homesick when he’s been gone too long. And how he gets restless once he’s back. The wanderlust kicks back in and off he goes. Exploring and composing and singing.

I hadn’t heard of him before and I’m really glad that’s been fixed.

He’s giving 4 more gigs in Brussels in the next few days.
Please go, you can thank me later ;)

* 6th May: 8.30pm. Le Rideau Rouge, Jam Session.

* 7th May: 6pm BELGA

* 7th May: 8pm – Hard Rock Café

* 8th May: 9.30pm – CLUB CLANDESTIN

And if you want to go as far as Australia, you may want to contact the Antipodes people. Their agency is really specialised for AU.

At the risk of sounding like a real groupie…Nick Saxon, if you need a guide for your Uruguay wanderings, I’m it.