Come again? Oh, you’re just looking for Paradise, are you?
Well hold the phone. Kathryn and I just came back from Heaven.


The island is super small and yet has everything one can possibly need to reach pure bliss.
I was so ecstatic that I took a zillion pictures. I have managed to choose a few dozens and will dose them in a few posts.

To start with, let me introduce you to the Gecko Beach Club, Formentera’s cherry on the cake.

Geckos are a sort of lizard and guess who welcomed us to the Beach Club?

Gecko in person!
The place is a heaven in the midst of Paradise. Yes, it’s worth the redundancy. I actually lack the words to rave about it appropriately.

So just see for yourself…

In mid-season, you can just go and chill on one of the loungers for free and have a drink or a bite by the pool. In high season, you pay a little fee to use the loungers, but I ‘m ready to bet it’s totally worth it. And Gecko is also a hotel, so you can choose to stay there during your stay on the island.
But it’ll cost ya ;)

The drinks and food at Gecko are not only incredibly good but at very decent prices too.

We had a watermelon smoothie and some Berry Nice cocktails to chill our souls from the sunbathing.

And when the sun set, we moved on to the restaurant terrace and enjoyed their wonderful cuisine.

They serve a bit of everything.
Delicious salads with all my favorite ingredients, such as mango, avocado, soy beans…
Fresh ceviche, Argentinean steak, burgers, grilled fish, you name it!

We ordered the Gecko Burger, which comes with delicious caramelised oignons, grilled aspargus, sweet potato chips and a burratta salad. Like Mozzarella di buffala but creamier.

And of course, one must rehydrate after so many hours of hard sunbathing so we didn’t shy away from ordering the Gecko ice: Champagne with berries and mint, together with more champagne.
It was purrfect. If you’re in Formentera and do not consider yourself a hardcore hippie, promise me you’ll go.
After dinner, we were ready to hit one of the chiringuitos for a moonligt drink. But that’s a whole different story ;)