Your very first serving of my French promenades will not take you to Paris but to a small village next to Limoges. 

I went down there by train on the 1st week-end of May. Why? Because the Boyfriend’s family lives in that stunningly charming region. I discovered a beautiful house surrounded by nature.

Boisseuil and Paris couldn’t be more different. Total opposites. The first is calm and silent, the latter is crowded and hyperactive. Surely it was what I needed before starting my new job.

I’ll give it to you, we didn’t go much around outside the house. But with a place like that, family and food, where would you really need to go anyway, huh?

So we just made the most of our chillaxing time and of course, we snapped a couple of pictures here and there. Given the season, I thought that a few flower pictures would colour your day up a little.