För means travel in Icelandic.
It’s also a lovely little shop in the Bailli area. Rue africaine 108 to be acurate.

Fabio, the owner, fell in love with the country and decided to bring some of its nordic charm to Brussels. The place is small and full of personality, with Belgian postcard-patterned wallpapers.

The clothes, beauty products and other objects are carefully selected in Paris and Milan fashion shows, following eco-responsible criteria. Fabio likes the fabrics and ingredients to be top of the shelve-quality.

You’ll find items from Petit Bateau,
Levi’s Made and Crafted, Question Of, etc.

You can fill your cosmetic tank with the October Union botanical products. Which smell amazing, by the way.

FÜR also sells the ‘score and solder’ geometric terraniums that I absolutely adore. They’re not cheap though, so you’d better have a green thumb for them to be worth it :P

The furniture is up for sale as well. Vintage pièces rescued here and there.

If you follow the neons and take the stairs, the basement awaits you with a surprise: art exhibitions, events, maybe a workshop?



I always enjoy a strol in the Chatelain, and FÖR only adds to the creative coolness of the area. Go take a peep.