If you are planning to go to Formentera, I strongly recommend you stay at Es Pujols. Unless you mind a strong Italian presence. Which is not my case.
Es Pujols is the busiest town in Formentera and has a bit of everything, from Restaurants to Nightlife and Beaches.

Kathryn and I rented an appartment at Es Pujols (Castaví Appartments) and we loved it.

(Their wifi was down but plenty of bars had free wifi and also, who gives a damn what’s going on in the rest of the world when you’re in Formentera?)

Ok, we sort of did. And kept asking for wifi passwords at every corner and even went on 3G a coupl’times. ^^

Es Pujols beach is pretty good, too. A little cove with fishing boats and wood cabins.

The town boasts with shops from hippie to chic and has more than enough great restaurants.

I love Can Vent, espcially their aperitivo; but it wasn’t open yet. Their season started just the day we were leaving! Arfff.

But Chezz Gerdi was open, an incredible “chiringuito” on the Es Pujols beach, further away from Can Vent, along a wooden deck.

I’ve already raved about it last year, when I went with Marly. But can’t recommend enough you go there for a drink or a bite.

Their setting is truly gorgeous and the food is fantastic.

Their pizzas are very good and their grilled tuna is even better.
Kathryn and I had it for dinner, with its sesame crust and the couscous side. Three words for you:
Oh. My. Looord.
We were done and wanted the same. Again. Twice.

But we’re ladies so we abstained ;-)

Other great beaches we went to during our short stay were Calo des Morts (amazing little secluded bay near La Mola), Cala Saona and Mitgiorn (deserted! we had the whole beach to ourselves for most of the time!)

And could therefore indulge in some topless sunbathing without feeling self-conscious ;-)

Up next, Formentera inland: its lighthouses and villages.