Woop woop! Eglantine is back in town! She was away or the whole past week, and today we had our first get together time since I moved to Paris. We met at Delyan, a place she knew and wanted to take me to. 

Delyan is a tea house/lunch-brunch place/bakery near the Pont Neuf. The minty walls and wooden furniture bring a touch of delicacy to the general relaxing atmosphere.

Can you seriously look at this lemon meringue pie? Isn’t this a work of art ? It’s so beautiful I wouldn’t even dare to eat it. The pattern is simply hypnotizing.

Pastel hues and teapots of various colours are the backbone of Delyan’s interior mood.

We ordered our food at the counter (focaccia for Eglantine and wheat grain salad for me), and we went upstairs to grab our seats, or should I say, our comfy sofa.

Eating and chatting felt awesome. The waiter told me their cheesecake was the house “specialty”, so if course it sounded to me like a personal challenge. I had to try it. Verdict? OH.MY.CHEESE. Sadly, the food pictures I took all came out badly so I can’t show you.

The sofa was so good, it was bad. It made us feel like having a little siesta instead of getting our behinds up and walk. I found a perfectly valid excuse to stay a bit more: why wouldn’t we order some tea? Promise, after that, we’ll go.