Sara and I have been long fans of the Café de la Presse in Av. Louise.
We used to go for Brunch on Sundays or for a gossip coffee on Saturdays.

It was about time I paid a visit to the CDLP’s younger & bigger sister, the Café du Sablon at…well…err….the Sablon ^^

I went in with Kathryn last Sunday morning. We had just dropped our friend Clay at the airport at 8am. We were knockered out of our minds. Hence the shades. A must-wear to protect our prickling eyes from the light and the rest of the world from our faces!

The place is full of light, even on a grey day. I find the interiors to be particularly nice. The wood, the rough walls, the wallpaper…

We remained true to ourselves. I had a capuccino (well, two) and Kath had an English Breakfast tea. The lady doesn’t do coffee, you see :P

In our utter state of über-exhaustion, we couldn’t seem to behave ourselves. We kept exploding in laughter and indulged in a shameless photo session.

Context: Kathryn was trying to make the point that I should go all-blonde. To which I strongly objected.
What do you think?

– Objection sustained –

As in CDLP, one is confronted with the daunting question… how long will I resist the inviting look of that cupcake? And please tell that tart of a cheesecake to stop winking at me!

After all, you want a lamborghini? You’d better work bitch.
But who listens to Britney Spears anyway…