The theme of our Copenhagen trip was Eurovision. No doubt. But one can only hear the songs and watch the performances so many times a day. We needed to find other activities and brave the rain.
Fortunately I had my magic cape:

And Sarah had the great idea we go to the Acquarium.
You know, to see the…

But before, we needed to fill our energy tanks with some delicious Kanelsnegle.

Blå was a driverless freaky metro trip away. Alex and I indulged in some photo experiments.


The building is truly majestic and blends in the landscape beautifully. The silver curves and the sea behind it. It gives you peace and makes you want to breathe in all the salty air.



I go usually ‘meh’ when it comes to fish. And birds for that matter. But the fish in this acquarium were something else. I was like a kid in the zoo. You know, I went all “Awwwww look at these here! And have you seen the colour in these? Do you think it’s for real? Oh my God! These are so cute! Woooow”

It wears off after a while though.


When our fish quota was repleated, we went for a pause in their gorgeous café.

As I saw them at a table, I knew exactly what I wanted and that’s what I told the (very handsome) waiter: “Can I have some fries with the herbs and shit?” He said “Oh, you like that?”

I was kind of confused but hungry all the same. And here’s what I got:

I know.

After the Eurovision break by the sea, we felt on top of the world.

Well, we were ;)