Remember I told you about Nick Saxon, the awesome ‘tanned as a Greek God’ Australian with the warmest of smiles? Well, turns out there’s more where that came from…
Benjalu, the band Nick plays in is in town for a couple of free gigs.

I was at their first Brussels show yesterday at Café Belga and believe me when I say I was stunned.
Sylvie had already promised me I’d like them.

What she failed to tell me is that I’d fu.cking LOVE them. The band is made of 5 unique musicians : Ben Gumbleton, Luke Elsley, Anthony Morris, Nick Saxon & Nick Cook.

Yesterday Benjalu played with two: Ben (Gumby) and N. Cook (Cookie).

Ben’s deep voice is unheard of. It’s Jack Johnson but less “banana pancake”. It’s Tracy Chapman meets Rodriguez.
My favorite was their take on “Ain’t no sunshine”. Pure goosebumps. Incredible version.

Their hardcore fans seemed to be made of pretty ladies.

But don’t let that fool you. This little chap came all the way to them in the middle of a song to buy their albums.
Cutest proud & embarassed smile ever.

Benjalu is very big back home.
They’re just touring Europe in a laid-back spirit, taking a little break from the big South fame.
And YOU get to see them for free…

29/05 – 9.30PM : Club Clandestin Bruxelles
30/05 – 6PM : APEROS URBAINS opening season 2014 + 10 YEARS b’day / PLACE du MUSEE + BLOODY LOUIS

D O N ‘ T    M I S S    O U T !!!!!

I got my signed albums and my share of awe.
Now go get yours.

Click on their pic below to see their “Way to the coast”.

Way to the coast