Have I mentioned Chris is campaigning…again? ;)
This means the lucky people of Luxembourg get to see him a lot more than me.
But hey, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do for his vocation.
I got one word: respect.

Now, on the rare occasions we do see each other, we try to make the best out of the little time we have. So I took him to Umamido, a Japanese noodle bar located on rue de Vleurgat 1.

Actually “noodle bar” doesn’t do justice to the place. Umamido is more of a perpetual ode to Ramen, the delicate and tasty Japanese broth.


Did you know that preparing the broth for ramen takes something like ten hours? And yet they serve it as soon as you’re done with your starters! It’s “slow food served fast”, as they say.

Mike, the Polish Broth Wizzard, working his magic

Apart from the various declinations of ramen (miso, shoyu, kara miso…) you can choose from a variety of little delikatessen such as the legendary Gyoza or the Kimchi Pork Bun, a delicious cousin of the too well known hamburger. Except way more delicate and airy.


Now, let me warn you about a few things, before you go to Umamido:
Their ramen are huuuuuuuge. So go on an empty stomach, especially if you’re going to order some starters, which you should.
The place is quite small and they don’t take reservations. So be spiritually prepared if it happens to be packed.



I do recommend you go try it. I’ll admit I was too enthusiastic on the starters and lacked the courage to finish the ramen…
But Anita loves her pudding. And I was really sad to hear they hadn’t any. Her words got stuck in my head as I asked “Qu’est ce que vous avez comme dessert”…
“Rien du tout”.

Mmmh. And yet, I read somewhere they serve moochi ice cream…
I guess I’ll just have to go back, then.