I promised my Berlin tirade was coming to an end.

This is it.
The grand finale.
That’s why I saved the best for last.


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is without exageration (and without money incentives) that I promise you that NENI is the ultimate premium most fabulous restaurant Berlin has ever made me discover.

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It is located inside the Bikini Hotel, the latest of the 25hours hotels -and a pure gem.
The minute you set foot in the lobby, you know you’ve landed in a bubble of creativity and fun.

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You go straight up to the rooftop, where NENI and Monkey Bar await to make you spend a wonderful time.


Credit: Neni Berlin

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The setting is extraordinary. It is trendy, smart, green, warm. Absolutely breathtaking.

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The menu is just as vibrantly creative as the rest.
A huuuuuuge unfolding leaflet whispers the delishes and drinks.


Very practical if you could use a break from the person you’re dining with :P
But I was with the lovely Kathryn, so no need ;)


We tried a bit of everything and namely:

P1090156 P1090157

DREIERLEI HUMUS: Three kinds of humus – Beetroot with horseradish, curry and mango & Classic style


HOMEMADE FALAFEL with fresh mint and tahina


CARAMELISED EGGPLANT with chili, ginger and couscous


Everything was delicious. But what truly blew our minds was the Sweet Potato Fries.
I can’t summon the words to describe the crisp / soft chips, with ground sea salt and amazingness on top.

Seriously. It should be against the law to go to Neni and not try them.

The handmade lemonade was lovely. Super fresh and not too sweet.


After dinner, which only cost us like 30EUR (in total!) we moved on to darker things… the Monkey Bar.


Credit: Monkey Bar

Again, the interiors are gorgeous. The light. The view.
We were super tired though, the city had dragged us all over. So after a gin-tonic, we were ready to go to bed feeling we had climbed to cloud number 9.

The Bikini hotel reserves oh so many more treasures. I will definitely come back to test every single square inch of it.  Starting with the rooms! …and the rooftop sauna overlooking the zoo…and their very own bakery! …and the burger de ville van!

But first, I’ll keep my promise and leave Berlin alone.
For a while.