As we were telling you here, Droog has its own hotel.
The exclusive one and only bedroom, to be exact.

When the Droog team moved to its Staalstraat premises and after they had invested the various rooms with their respective purposes, a gallery, a shop, a venue space, a lunchroom and a garden…there was still space left above. And they decided to transform it into the one and only bedroom.
The Hôtel Droog.

After we had climbed the stairs, we entered into what seemed to hold all of Amsterdam’s light.

More than a bedroom, it’s a fabulous appartment! We couldn’t believe our eyes. For the first 5 minutes we were like two kids opening their christmas presents. So much beauty and amazement. Those windows were a unique feature of their own.

We had all we needed and more. Open kitchen with appliances and a beautiful design;

A huge carved wooden dining table in case we made friends during our stay; a cozy sofa; a reading corner; an overly decent bedroom and a very nice bathroom. Everything was right on spot, perfectly coordinated. The apartment was actually furnished with items you can buy in the Droog store, in case a serious furniture-love at first sight strikes you.

The bathroom is very cool. You can choose between the massive shower or the huge bathtub. Tough call.
So we tried both.

The Droog team truly knows how to make you feel at home.
They had even left us our aperitivo cooling in the fridge….

What a fantastic place to crash during your Amsterdam stay. The only problem is that between the apartment, the shop, the lunchroom, the gallery and the garden… you risk never leaving the place!

If you’re tempted, contact Ruben!

Anita & Sara