Means dry in Dutch.
Such an irony… because the Droog universe overflows with creativity, is drenched in coolness and just drips ‘awe’ all over the place.

Droog is a concept store in Amsterdam with objects and art carefully curated by the Renny Ramakers team.
Droog creates cutting-edge products and organises vibrant projects in collaboration with designers & partners.

Anyone with an artistic soul or searching for one of kind items needs to enter this place.  

You can find anything from Cowshed bath products to the “slow glow lamp”, a Droog + Next Architect + Aura Luz Melis design. A lamp meant to slowly glow brighter and brighter, as the heat of the bulb gradually melts the wax. A statement lamp, in a world of fast production and immediate consumption.

The “from dusk till dawn” mirror by Minale Maeda, Hay products. a Kitty Flipper or the Scorpion Vodka.

Furniture, kitchen accessories, office items, beauty products, clothes, outdoor equipment… Every single object is intriguing. 

Even art exhibitions like the one on “Labour of the day” – a dedicated post on it soon! And a fairy tale garden to breathe in fresh air and combust thoughts into great ideas.

Droog is also a design studio. A lunch room and a café. A hotel. A venue for conferences and all sorts of private fun events.

To make a long story short. Droog is a place where anything can happen. And where everything will.

Ruben, who is in charge of hospitality at Hotel Droog -and who gave us a really warm welcome- told us about Droog’s history. He shared the company’s stories and we could see the glow in his eyes. 
The sparkle of someone who works in a free space. A place of possibilities. Of never ending creation and inspiring encounters.
We envied Ruben… :)

But when we show you the One and Only Room, our very own home for our Amsterdam stay, it’s us you’re going to be envying ;)

Anita & Sara