Guys, this post is not for you. Go check some news portal or your sports section. We’re going to be talking beauty products & make up.
Ok, you were warned.

So Kroonen&Brown invited us to try Cosmetics 27, a line of products created by Michele Evrard, a pharmacist and an international cosmetic expert. The line is not super extensive, it consists of Cleanser 27, Essence 27 -moisturising, Baume 27 -regenerating, Eyes27 -correcting.

We had already told you about the place back when we tried on the Make Up Designory products, remember? The shop is so charming that we didn’t need convincing!

Sara had a last minute ‘Aïko the princess’ (her cat) situation and had to pass.
Fortunately, Kathryn was free to be my partner in crime for the afternoon.

We got the royal treatment, too. A facial with all the 27 collection products followed by a make up session with Sybille.

Remember Sybille from the Make me up workshop at The Hotel? Well, now you can book her all for yourself at Kroonen&Braun!

You know what I like best about K&B? That it’s so relaxed and quiet. You almost feel you’re in your own private castle bathroom!
Also, do you know how sometimes in luxurious shops you get that scornful look that says “what are you doing here”? Well never at K&B… you feel welcome and pampered. And they never push a sale.

Also, the products are wonderfully curated. They sell brands that no other shop in Brussels has. You can find the perfumes of Agonist, Byredo, Nasomatto or even the Eight & Bob.

I fell in love with the Byredo Inflorescence. I think I’m going to come back and get it because it haunts me ever since I left the boutique.

And they have high-end cosmetics like Absolution – a certified organic brand that makes all of its products in France with local suppliers and the packaging is recycled and/or recyclable and printed with vegetal inksIt’s eco-conscious meets urban lifestyle.

You can also find the erbaviva line, which specialises in babies and moms-to-be.

You can book a “discovery” session at Kroonen&Brown for free! Just contact Ioana:

But you are forewarned: the place is a beauty & perfume paradise, I bet you can’t resist the temptation!!