I was in Athens for three days, for work.
I could tell you about our hotel’s breathtaking view…

I could show you pictures of the majestic Parliament, where we worked or pictures of the delicious gyros I tried during my night promenades.

Instead, what I want to tell you is that I saw a lot of angry people and tons of police having frappé sitting in their anti riot vans.

But most of all, I want to show you the immense crisis the Greek people are living through their dogs’ eyes.

Dozens of stray dogs wander the Streets lying on the sidewalks with their collars still on.

Not the usual kind of stray dogs, either. Big beautiful dogs that look like they’ve been loyal pets all their lives. Abandoned to their fate, most likely because their former masters can no longer afford to feed and care for them.

I had never seen such sad looks on dogs’ faces. No careless tongues hanging. Utterly heartsick.

It broke my heart so bad, I can’t begin to imagine what it must have been for their masters to part with their loyal companions.

I befriended this little lady.

Which made me think that my cats are family and I can’t conceive the idea of ever abandoning them.

I wish I could take in all the sad animals of the planet. But more realistically, I wish the Greek people soon overcomes these tough times and that no dog must ever be left this sad.