When I saw the news on Stephanie Duval’s Facebook page, my heart skipped a beat.
For those who don’t know who Stephanie is, she’s the brilliant woman behind the 70percentpure blog and a personal source of inspiration.
She was going to give a blogging workshop at the Levi’s Ambiance house for 15 lucky bloggers that would be selected upon application.
And we were! I surprised Sara with the news, she didn’t know I applied for us both.

We got to discover the colourful atmosphere of the Levi’s Ambiance House. A true little gem right in the middle of the Brussels city centre. Beautiful tones harmoniously mixed together. Kinda makes you want to redecorate your own place from A to Z. 

Sara and I attended the workshop and got a few tips from one of our favourite bloggers. Stephanie gave us some very interesting insights into the creating vs. curating issue. And dug into the everlasting question of “Why blog”?

Needless to say, we also discussed the very basis of blogging, which has to be about one’s sincere passion. Another important part of the whole blogging process is to write like nobody’s reading. Write what’s on your mind, write as if you were speaking to a friend.

At the end of the presentation, we even got to shoot our own questions!

Sara had a little personal crush for those cubic grey stools. They look like they’re made of concrete, but when you sit on it they actually are very comfy. 

All in all, a great afternoon with a great bunch of fellow bloggers. And a reminder that we gals don’t spend enough time together!

 Anita & Sara