Wandering the sunny streets of Strasbourg, my brother & I discovered a real little treasure: PUR etc.

PUR is not a fast food. It’s a fast good.
They offer delicious home-made dishes made of local products.

You can also drink organic juices squeezed in front of you.
Cheap as chips too!

We went to the one located in Grand Rue 122. But there’s another one in 15, Saint-Etienne Square.

I found the place to be absolutely charming. The blue façade, the inner warm colours…

 … the DIY lamps! They use a pulley system, mason jars and small empty jamjars of Bonne Maman!

We only grabbed a drink, as we were totally full from lunch. But next Parliament’s Plenary session I’m coming for dinner. I have put their home-made hachis parmentier on  my to-eat list.

Go grab a bite. For coffee, lunch, dinner.
The chalkboard walls full of cute drawings and knitted fruits alone are worth the visit!

Check out their website for more info.