The first time I had dinner at Piano 2 in Strasbourg was when we threw my friend Sandra her bachelorette party.

Us bunnies occupied a big table and laughed the whole evening through. 
Poor Sandra had to wear that delicate fuchsia wig and was baptised Irina for the day (and night).

We all ordered menus and were really happy with the foie gras, the salmon tartar and the good meat. (They even serve Uruguayan steak!!, big up).

Then there was…

The second time around, I went with my Parliament ladies Kathryn, Nancy, Laurie and Maggie.

A smaller table, just as big a laugh.

We were all in the same state of mind cause we ordered nothing but burgers. 
They were delicious.

Feeling the guilt creeping in, we shared a single piece of pudding, the chocolate fondant. 
I’m sorry there is no pic but the goods disppeared in less than 10 seconds.

All in all, a very good address in Strasbourg. The place has a lot of personality too. I really like the dark walls, the upside down cows hanging from the ceiling and the vintage atmosphere.

Careful which wine you order tough…
Ours seemed to get us real goofy and we stuck the joint’s business cards to our foreheads laughing hysterically.

Tried twice and totally approved. Piano 2, get ready for #3…