As we were saying, we spent a weekend in Paris and it was Eglantine’s B-day. We told you all about dinner at Yoom. But I hadn’t yet told you about the previous episode…

Lunch at Mama Shelter.

And Mama, does it deserve a post…

When Eglantine said we were going for lunch to a cool place I’d probably like, she didn’t mention any names. And suddenly, we were standing in front of Mama Shelter… The hotel I was so badly craving to stay at. (Mama, I promise I will and will do a queen size post!!).

I shrieked with euphoria. I jumped up and down like a kid on Christmas day. I was happy as a puppy seeing his mama.

We sat outside under the Parisian sun -ain’t that a luxury.
We were waited on by Julien, who on top of being “employee of the month” had a very good sense of humour.

The food was good. Clockwise: Salmon and avocado tartar, grilled salmon on sesame crust with mash, burger, veggie pizza.

But the best was yet to come… pudding. We ordered an “éclair aux macarons” with nutella cream filling.
We sang the mandatory Happy Birthday as quick as our mouths would allow us, to finally dig in.
No words were uttered after that.

And then it was over. Awwww.
We sat in the sun until the shadow caught us. 
I promised myself to come back and stay in one of Mama Shelter’s amazing rooms. 

Everything inside screams coolness.

Then I saw a Mama shelter Birthday kit in one of the many showcases and I just had to get it for Eglantine!!!

Brave as she is, she wore the kit’s accessories the rest of the afternoon. 
Crown on: we were ready to stroll about Paris.