Hello Brusselsprouters. It may very well be that you’re tired of my Berlin obsession by now.
But if that’s so, I bet it’s pure jealousy. In that case, grab a bag, throw in a coup’ o’ sandals, your toothbrush and fly to Berlin.

I promise, this is one of my last episodes on that wonderful Stadt and the incredible weekend Kathryn and I spent there. Hang in there and read on.

This write up is to tell you about District Mot, a Vietnamese street food canteen in Rosenthalerstr.
Feet away from Mulackstr. (fabulous berlin fashion stores).

District Mot is kitsch meets trash meets comics. Fantastic equation and delicious food.
All for very little cash. Very nice address and a good break through your shopping craze.

As starter, we shared the Dim Sum in Banana leaves. Tasty and sticky.
We ordered the Burger, which comes in a heavenly white bread that disolves in your mouth.

The place is full of Vietnamese objects inside. From rice sacks to adoration altars.

Special little place.

Then you can stroll down Mulackstrasse or Alte Schönhausertr.
Ach Berlin, you really got me mad about you.