We’re only halfway through March, but the season has changed already. No more Sex & the City, it is now Spring & the City (yup I found this one on my own). This past week-end in Paris was definite proof of it. 

Surrounded by my favourite people, it has basically been perfect. 

On Saturday I walked around with Nico, who has now caught the photo-fever… he got himself a brand new camera and uses every possible excuse to snap a few pictures. I can’t blame him nor complain. Firstly because he takes me as his model very often, and secondly because he provides me with beautiful pictures for the blog ^^

We randomly sat at La Rotonde, a few meters away from Place de la Bastille. I was delighted to realise that we had picked a stylish place without even knowing it. From the sidewalk, it didn’t look like anything special. But the surprise came from the inside. The walls were decorated with beautiful and bold illustrations. The artist? Jeanne Detallande.

Don’t know her yet? Well, shame on you! She also collaborated with Prada for their SS14 collection’s spirit.

I followed Nico’s lead around the streets of Paris. It’s always such a pleasant feeling when you don’t have to think about “where do we go now?” and just walk, enjoy the view. We walked by some classics.

The next day, Nico & I thought we would go pay a visit to another classic, the Montmartre area. We had never been there together before. Also, it was time for me to meet the girls too.

I stole Nico’s camera for a bit and tested my photographer abilities. To be fair, I used the “Auto” mode the whole time, so it was no real challenge :)

Anita & Eglantine joined us for lunch. Let’s say the area isn’t exactly known for its amazing restaurants. It was full of people everywhere so then only option we had was to grab some chairs wherever possible. And yes, the theory proved itself to be true, we sat at this restaurant below, which turned out to be bad. 

Once we were done with our deceiving lunch, us gals posed for a few pics together. Just for the record ;)

Very very sadly, Sunday was coming to its end… Who would want to go back home whith such a beautiful weather, in a beautiful city with one’s dearest people? NOT. ME. 

Oh well, I sense Paris & I aren’t done yet.