Not that I would reveal the whole story right now, but I can tell you one thing. You’ll be hearing more and more stuff about Paris on The Brusselsprouts.

For instance, you’ll hear that I went to Café Pinson on my last weekend in Paris and it’s a keeper.

I went in for breakfast while I was waiting for my dear Eglantine to wake up and I was delighted with their granola.

Yeah, a weird thing to say, right? 
I am not usually a cereal blogger. More like a serial blogger ;)

(Sad sounds of drums crowning my pathetic joke).

Moving on.

Café Pinson, as I’ve learned, has two addresses in Paris. One in the 10e and one in the 3e.

Credit: Café Pinson Website

They both bear the signature of Dorothée Meilichzon, who also did the interiors of the Fish Club and the Beef Club, remember?

I especially like the brick walls and the mix of tiles.
And I would kill for one of those patterned wood tables! So cute.

I do have a but. I was a tad disappointed on their madeleines. And God knows I am a firm carb believer. Hell I would have made one damn happy bakeress. ^^

They sell a lot of organic products and are very vegan friendly.

Anyway, next time I’m in town visiting a friend (or two), I’ll pass by the other Café Pinson in the 3e. 
One does have to give a madeleine a second shot. One of my personal convictions.