Ze Germans are great at many things. One of them is breakfast.
And loyal to my German (very distant) roots, I am also grand at that glorious meal.
We charged our batteries at Zeit für Brot (Alte Schönhauser Straße 4). If my tip is worth anything, do try the Schokoschnecke. Those little chocolaty soft bastards are the most delicate/decandent thing you can down for breakfast.

We were all set to embrace the berlinitude of things.
Here are some of the most edifying scenes and characters we came across and which we think capture Berlin’s rocking soul.

We had heard promising things about Voo, a concept store located in Kreuzberg offering brands such as Kenzo, Acne, Stine Goya and Nike.

I would have loved taking some of those cement letters by danish architect and designer Sigurd Larsen or one of those Our/Berlin Vodka bottles. Then I remembered we were flying with sleazyjet and had only handluggage.

Apart from that Kathryn and I were a little disappointed in the whole store. A bit too grunge…
So, bye.

We strolled in Prenzlauerberg, one of my favorite neighbourhoods. It’s very young families and naïve atmosphere.

Then we passed by the East Side Gallery on our way to dinner.

And had fun with one of the zillion Fotoautomats in the city.

Seeing myself through Kathryn eyes or whatever this situation was, it was time for truth: we were hungry as Berlin bears and headed for Sage. Up next.