Ok, so this was a first for us.
JT made a super generous offer we couldn’t refuse: watching the Big Game with him at Hard Rock Cafe, VIP style. 

Credit: JT (we shamelessly stole it from your FB!)

Spending an evening watching a game we know nothing about? Sure, we’ll do it, with the hope of being less ignorant afterwards.
That’s just wishful thinking…or is it?

To tell you the extent of our initial ignorance…when Anita told Chris she was going to the HRC on Sunday, she said she was going to see “a Super Bowl”…^^ As if there were many! THE Super Bowl, Chris corrected. We would also tell you that she thought it had to do with baseball but then Anita would make a fool of herself, ehem. 

So here’s a couple of things we learned on the Big Game…

Did you know for instance that the Super Bowl is the 2nd most watched sports event in the world after the soccer Champions League Final? More than 100 million people watch the Super Bowl every year!

And that one 30-second commercial aired during the Super Bowl costs at least $2,800,000?

Or that 3 million kilos of guacamole are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, along with 14 500 tons of chips!?

Personally, we consumed delicious Hard Rock Café classic Burgers, with chicken wings and tenders. Galons of pepsi and Budweiser beer.

We may not know our American football rules, but we speak americano.

And another great thing we owe JT is having met Ly, a Vietnamese-Czech girl who suprised us all with her devouring skills!

We had to leave earlyish, as we had to get up super early and drive hundreds of kilometers. But Ly and JT stayed on. According to Ly, the halftime show was incredible. Last year, Queen B took the stage, which kinda set the standards high, but Bruno Mars delivered an amazing performance.

First of all, the boy can sing. Not many singers can do the same for live performances (hum hum, Katy Perry?). Then, have you checked his dance moves?! Just awesome. And his golden Saint Laurent blazer? Who else could rock that, besides Michael Jackson circa the Motown era?

After giving us his best with Locked out of Heaven, Treasure and Runaway Baby, he was joined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The crowd was quite hysterical. 

So thanks JT for the very educational (and delicious) evening!!

Anita & Sara