Salt 17190 Gironés, Catalonia, Spain.
It was my first stop in Europe, when I left Uruguay ten years ago.
My cousin and aunt lived there and for a very long time, I kept flying back and forth whenever I needed to refill the family love tank.

Salt is a very peculiar place. Very Catalan, in some aspects. Traditional. Almost robust. Old buildings made of stone. Strong and stoïc.

And yet, it’s extremely cosmopolitan and lively. It has welcomed so many waves of immigrants, that some squares resemble snapshots of Senegal, with men sitting together and talking through the afternoon.

It mixes ancient country houses with new building complexes. Dense woods and community vegetable gardens. Local theatres and riding centers.

I especially like this house, bearing the “Okupa” signs.

Catalan independentist flags hang from every other balcony.
I snapped one while digging in my freshly baked donut.

Salt is a truly rich and interesting place. I’ll always keep wonderful memories full of love and homey feelings.
Absolutely worth a visit, if you’re around Girona.